Mixed Metals

The 80’s have given us many wonderful things. From the early era of modern body piercing, to neon, to dance music there were many classics. However, there were also some unfortunate things, like the adage “Don’t mix your metals” (and perms). Thankfully, its 2018... Read More

Acrylic and Bioplast Body Jewelry

There’s a wide range of materials out there that people use for body jewelry. From metals, woods, horns, and stones there’s no shortage of material to wear. And most materials, like anything else, have a good version, and a not so good version. Acrylic... Read More

Curated Ear Piercings

Here at Amato we are thrilled about this popular new piercing trend! Curated Ear Piercings are the process of taking existing piercings and creating new pokes to intentionally and deliberately adorn your ears with a cohesive, curated collection. Weather you have a few piercings... Read More

Implant Grade VS “Surgical Steel”

One of the most frequent things we hear as piercers is “I got pierced with the really good stuff, you know, surgical stuff!” It’s also one of the most incorrect, misinformed statements we hear. So we decided to sit down and share some facts... Read More


Jewelry stacks! This popular piercing trend has been around for centuries, but more recently has been making a resurgence. Stacking is the process of stretching a piercing using multiple rings, giving the ‘stacked’ look. Stacked septums are by far the most common, with stacked... Read More

Anti-Bacterial Soap

Let’s talk about soap! Particularly antibacterial soap. It’s an amazing product isn’t it? Many kill 99.9% of all bacteria- that means it’s super clean! So, it’s awesome for keeping your piercings super clean too, right? I mean, it has to be, because piercers have... Read More

“Keloids” and Piercing Bumps

Help! I have a bump on my piercing! I think it’s a keloid; how do I make it go away? Keloids (or keloid scarring) are unique type of scar tissue formation. They are a result of overgrowth of granulation tissue and collagen at the... Read More

Piercing Trend- Paired Nostrils!

Nostril Piercings have always been among the most popular piercings we do here at Amato. Weather you want a small, tiny glimmer on your nose, or you feel like something bold or funky, we have something for everyone and love making your noses shine.... Read More

Tea Tree Oil

“I’ve heard tea tree oil is like, really great for your piercings!” This is something we here all too often here at Amato, and so we’ve decided to write a little article here to debunk the myth of tea tree oil! Tea Tree Oil... Read More

Piercing, Math, and Angles- How it Adds up

We have a saying around here at Amato- “Piercing is like Math- you gotta show your work!”, but how does that explain why we’re taking a picture up your nose?!? Well, with body piercing, there are a lot of important factors: a clean procedure,... Read More

Children’s Ear Piercings

Are you looking to get your child’s ears pierced? Awesome! Here at Amato we are happy to help! We decided to write a little article about child’s lobes specifically since we do so many, and get even more questions. Why Amato? We offer a... Read More

Diamonds are Forever

The diamond is arguably the most recognizable, well known, and highest regarded of all precious stones. With amazing luster, sparkle, color variation and clarity its clear why it is beloved in jewelry of all shapes and forms. Diamonds also have great use in industrial... Read More

Finger Dermals, and More!

Microdermals are awesome! Here at Amato we are big fans of microdermal and surface piercings, which can give clients choices on piercing placements they never had before. They work by inserting a small ‘foot’ or anchor that heals into a pocket under the skin,... Read More

Association of Professional Piercers Conference

Folks we are so excited to be sending Lynn off to Vegas next month for and annual Association of Professional Piercers Conference! She’ll be spending a week attending various classes about piercing techniques, safety, sterilization, jewelry, and much more. It’s also a great chance... Read More

Horizontal Tongue Piercings

So you want a horizontal tongue piercing? For those that don’t know, horizontal tongue piercings are piercings that pass through the tip of the tongue, sometimes called scoop or snake eye piercings. They look kinda cute right? Tiny, petite little beads on the tip... Read More

Soft Reopening

Hello everyone! We are so excited and proud to announce the grand reopening of Amato Fine Jewelry and Body Piercing. It’s been a wonderful, crazy roller coaster 3 weeks but it’s all been for you- the customers! After many long hours and labors of... Read More