Over-pierced and Under Stress: How Piercings Heal

One of our favorite things we get to do here at Amato is ear curations! Often times, these projects require 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6…) new piercings to help complete the look a client wishes to achieve. With everything all planned out, ... Read More

The “Gay” Ear- Debunking the Myth for Pride Month

In piercing studios around the country these questions are still asked today: “Does one side have any special meaning? You know….which ear is the gay ear?”   Despite changing times and modern progress, many people still associate body piercings (particularly a single piercing in... Read More

I was Scared but now I’m Sparkly- Staying Calm During Your Piercing

Getting a piercing can be such an exciting thing! Although, most people aren’t too excited about the actual piercing portion. It’s fairly common to find the idea of a needle a little intimidating. Things like anxiety, fear, stress, nervousness are all par for the... Read More

Ear Curation

Let’s talk ear curations!  This has to be one of our favorite new trends. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, ear curation; sometimes called constellation ears, is essentially jewelry and piercing styling that results in a unique and fun combination of jewelry and piercings... Read More

Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Modern body piercing has reached a point where the jewelry selection has expanded to much more than just a simple silver bead or an overly bright acrylic dice. There are now an abundance of companies who make genuine stone and solid gold or platinum... Read More

Internal Threading Vs. External Threading: Don’t get Screwed by Catchy Marketing Terms

“There’s no way I could be reacting badly to my jewelry. I paid a lot of money for this piece and my piercer promised it was totally safe!” Unfortunately, we see this same scenario unfold again and again. Something thought to be safe because... Read More

Pregnancy and Navel Piercings

Getting pregnant is such an exciting time! There’s a new little life growing inside of you which means big changes are coming. We all know about the changes pregnancy can cause on the body, but it’s easy to overlook the changes it can cause... Read More

Wedding Curations

Weddings are meant to be memorable! A special day to celebrate you and the one you love joining lives. Everything is usually planned out to a T. From the outfits, to the flavor of cake, and of course the wedding rings; it’s all in... Read More

Unique Anatomy- Navel Piercings

Undoubtedly one of our most popular piercings here at Amato is the navel. Since we are located in sunny South Florida, navel season is year round! We love these piercings so much that they’re actually a specialty for our head piercer Joe. What makes... Read More

Makeup and Piercings

This article is for all the lovers of make up and piercings alike. Here at Amato, we know how fun makeup can be, especially when there’s an abundance of pretty palettes to drool over. Whether you’re a makeup addict, or an occasional wearer, there... Read More

Skincare and Piercings

Having healthy skin is a priority for many of our clients. The journey to healthy skin usually includes some kind of product regimen; whether you use a simple daily moisturizer or sunscreen, a prescription cream for acne, or a super in-depth daily course of... Read More

Holiday Gift Guide

As we enter November, the holidays are fast approaching us. There’s sure to be that dreaded gift list looming over our heads as we try and get each special person their perfect present! For many, there’s that one person on their list who adores... Read More

Sterile Wound Wash Saline Vs Salt Water Mixtures

  When we review aftercare with clients, we always discuss using a sterile wound wash saline to clean and care for new piercings. Many times we have clients ask “That’s just salt water right? Can I make my own at home?”; and although this... Read More

Under 18- How to Ask Your Parents About Piercings

The Amato staff has had an affinity for piercings even in our younger years; which means we all understand just how difficult it can sometimes be to get Mom or Dad on board with the idea of getting a new piercing. We often get... Read More

Asprin Paste on Piercings? A Look at this Dangerous Internet Trend

Irritation bumps can be one of the most frustrating things when healing a body piercing. All piercings run the risk of these minor set backs and they can sometimes be difficult to deal with. The bumps can be caused by a range of issues... Read More

Picking Your Piercer

We understand that choosing the right piercer can be tricky. How can you be sure that the piercer near you is reputable? Well in an ideal world, we’d love to assume that every state has laws and regulations to ensure only someone who is... Read More

Breast Feeding and Nipple Piercings

It’s often wondered if nipple piercings and breast feeding are compatible. One of our frequently asked questions when it comes to nipple piercing is “Will I still be able to breastfeed later on down the road?” The answer to that question is what will... Read More

Pierced Positive: Considerations for Body Piercings with HIV

With the ongoing controversy surrounding the subject of piercing/tattooing someone who is HIV positive, we felt it necessary to address a few things. The question at hand is basically this: Can you get pierced/tattooed if you are HIV positive? Here at Amato, we believe... Read More

The Magic of the Marquise

Marquise cuts (sometimes called navette, French for “little ship” since they resemble the hull of a ship) are one of our favorite cuts for gems here at Amato! With gentle sloping sides and neat points at either end, these elongated cuts are a striking... Read More

Don’t Try This At Home, Body Piercing and DIY Dangers

Ever hear-“Well actually, I have a friend who does piercings and tattoos from home. It’s totally legit and they’re cheaper.” Or “My friend did this piercing for me in their bathroom and nothing bad happened so I’m going to have them do my other... Read More

Alcohol, and Why it NEVER Belongs on Your Piercing

If you’ve been following some of our articles then you may have already read our article about hydrogen peroxide and why it isn’t awesome for your piercings. Since writing that, we’ve gotten heaps of messages and emails about using alcohol for piercings and if... Read More

Autoclaves- Understanding what to look for from a Clean Studio

Thinking of getting a new piercing? Awesome! When going to get pierced, most folks know that its important to get pierced in a clean environment. Most even know to ask if needles are single use, and ensure gloves are worn by their piercer. These... Read More

Gloves- Your Safety and the Law in Florida

Let’s talk gloves. It seems like it’d be obvious not to let a piercer touch you with bare hands, but many assume its not necessary to glove up. And more assume that as long as gloves are being worn, everything is fine. But there... Read More

Hydrogen Peroxide, and Why it doesn’t belong on your Piercing

Hydrogen peroxide is a product many of us are quite familiar with; we’ve kept it nestled in our bathroom cabinets for most of our lives. We’ve all gotten use to splashing it on any wound we’ve ever gotten, including body piercings. That’s where it... Read More