Directional J-Curve Listing (Navel or Rook)


Please ONLY add this listing to your cart if you have already discussed sizing and direction with the Amato Staff.


This listing is for the barbell needed to work for a directional J-Curve Piece. Directional pieces are pieces for jewelry that must assemble on the barbell facing a specific direction (I.E.- a Heart must be upright, a Moon Facing to the left, a Cluster curved downward). This listing covers the cost of a barbell. A J-Curve has both a top and bottom that can be interchanged and directional, so please discuss with us before hand your preference for both sides of the barbell.


If you are looking for a directional piece please email or contact us so we can work with you to determine your correct fit, and if some of these pieces will work for your anatomy.

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