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Fine Jewelry & Body Piercing

At Amato Fine Jewelry & Body Piercing in Coral Springs, we strive to create an inviting and artistic environment that encourages new ideas and focuses on meeting your individual needs. From a simple earlobe piercing, to multi-point surface piercings, to advanced genital projects, even earlobe stretching, our experienced staff is dedicated to your safety and satisfaction!

All of our piercers are proud members of The Association of Professional Piercers (APP), and we are always working to bring the safest, cleanest, and most professional work to our clients.


Uncover Your Perfect Fit With Our Jewelry

We enjoy doing community outreach and are very passionate about educating students, health care professionals, parents, and all others when it comes to safe, quality body piercing.

We are available 5 days a week, Wednesday through Sunday 12am to 8pm by appointment or walk-in.

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