Eyebrow piercings are a more recent trend in piercing. They are usually placed along the outer ¼ of the eyebrow on a slight angle to bring the eye in and focus on the face and eye. They can be very aesthetically pleasing piercings. Some folks do just one, some wear both, and some wear doubles on one or both sides. These are generally easy piercings to get and heal, and look lovely on all anatomy and genders. Something to consider with the eyebrow is that some people get swelling and bruising after this piercing. It’s a good idea to get it on the first day of your weekend or when you have a break away from work. Or, you can make a great story about how you got a black eye.

Can I wax while its Healing?

We don’t suggest waxing until your piercing is fully healed, which takes 3-5 months. It’s a god idea to get one last wax or threading the day or two before your piercing. Once healed you can have your artist wax and tweeze around the jewelry or remove it for waxing. Whichever you are more comfortable with.

Can I start with a Hoop?

We don’t suggest a hoop for these piercings till they are fully healed. Hoops need to be oversized initially and in this placement that makes them very prone to catching and snagging on things.