Helix piercings refer to any piercings done on the outer ridge of tissue on the ear. This can be from


Earlobes are arguably the most popular piercing in the world, going through the soft tissue at the base of the


The tragus is one of our more popular ear piercings. This piercing goes through the small ‘nub’ or ‘bump’ of


The conch piercing is done through the interior bowl of the ear, next to the opening of the ear canal.

Rook and Faux Rook

Rook Piercings are done through the shelf of tissue that runs behind the forward helix and down the outer rim


Daith piercings are done through the ridge of tissue that connects the forward helix to the bowl of the ear.

Forward Helix

The forward helix is done through the ridge of tissue where the helix folds back up and in, and attaches


Septum piercings are done through the center cartilage of the nose, usually through the spot of thinner tissue there known


Navel piercings are one of the more popular piercings we do here. Going through the top, and occasionally the bottom


lip piercings are cute, unique piercings. These have become more popular recently, in comparison to lower lip piercings. There are


The Industrial piercing (sometimes called a scaffold piercing) is actually two (or more) piercings connected by a single piece of


Tongue piercings are a unique and fun piercing, with may choices in placement. There is a rich history to piercing


Nostril piercings are hands down one of the most popular piercings we do here at Amato. These universally flattering piercings


Stretching piercings, earlobes in particular, has been a popular modification for centuries, but particularly in recent times it has taken


A labret piercing is a piercing through the lower lip, right below the lip line. This can refer to a

Surface Piercings

Surface piercings refer to any piercing through the surface skin of the body. These can be done two different ways.


Cheek Piercings are paired piercings done on either side of the mouth, usually where natural dimples would appear when someone

Genital FAQ

When considering getting any kind of genital piercing, there are a few good considerations to have in mind. Are you