The tragus is one of our more popular ear piercings. This piercing goes through the small ‘nub’ or ‘bump’ of tissue right before the ear canal. On many people this piercing will face forwardDSC_1881, making it a great place to showcase unique and interesting jewelry. On some people we can even fit two piercings, which can offer a very unique and interesting look!This placement also looks flattering with a small hoop once it is healed. This piercing we have found to generally be easy to care for and heal. Because you can see it easily cleaning and care is much simpler then an inner cartilage piercing you can’t see well, like a rook or daith. These take 6-9 months to heal and we encourage clients to come back after 6 months for a downside on their jewelry.


Can I wear ear buds?

We don’t suggest wearing ear buds with this piercing until it is fully healed. In the meantime over the ear headphones that don’t cause pressure, or the tragus cluster2‘runners ear buds’ that wrap around the ear rather then sit inside are great alternatives.

I heard you hear a ‘crunch’/’pop’ when you do this!

This is often urban legend. People say they hear an odd noise when usually they hear the piercers tools, or their jewelry being inserted after the piercing is done. You aren’t likely to hear a ‘crunch’ or ‘pop’ and this piercing does not ‘break’ the cartilage.