Joe Amato was born and raised in New Jersey. He got his start piercing there at Rage Body Art. Joe was drawn to piercing at a young age, and Chris Rage was the perfect mentor to develop youthful energy into jewelry making and piercing skills.In 2003, Joe moved to South Florida where he continued nurturing his passion for piercing. Once in Florida, Joe went on his own, working as a separate smaller business within local tattoo shops to ensure standards were not only met but exceeded. He worked with H2Ocean, and enjoyed touring the country piercing with them at conventions and events. This also included setting the world record for most piercings with jewelry in 2004, when he did 982 piercings with captive bead rings. In 2008 he moved into No Hard Feelings, and began to expand his own piercing business- Amato Fine Jewelry and Body Piercing. These days you can find Joe here Wednesday -Sunday. He loves spending his time here with clients and is motivated to bring the best service possible to everyone who walks through the door. He is passionate about providing the highest quality, safest body piercings and best jewelry for our clients. His favorite piercings to do are septum piercings, and he will always accept cat toys as a tip for his adorable black cat, Slick!Joe, as the studio owner and head piercer, specializes in Advanced Navel piercings (including reconstructed navels, post surgical navels, and unique anatomy), Advanced Ear Projects (including custom and non traditional industrial piercings, large initial piercing) and Advanced Male and Female Genital Piercing. If these are piercings you are interested we suggest stopping by for a consult any time Wednesday-Sunday.