The forward helix is done through the ridge of tissue where the helix folds back up and in, and attaches to the head. This piercing can be done as a single, but has exploded in popularity over the past 5 years as a triple thanks to social media and a now-famous black and white image of one done by Christina Schull on a longtime client and friend back in 2008. These days these are some of the most popular multi-piercing projects we offer here. It is very possible to get all three done at once, but your best bet is to come in and speak with one of our piercers about your anatomy and lifestyle, and see how many at one time would be best for you. Some people are not able to get all three. These are done with 18g press fit or threaded straight barbells. Curved barbells are never and appropriate choice for a forward helix. There are many beautiful choices of jewelry for these piercings, from simple beads or stones to ornate gold ends.


Can I start with a Hoop?

We do not suggest this piercing off with a hoop. It would have to be rather oversized to allow for swelling, and the movement can cause issues. Once healed a hoop does look very cute and unique in a lower forward helix piercing.

How do I know if I have room for all 3?

Your best bet is to come in and have one of our skilled piercers check your anatomy! We look for a substantial enough ridge of cartilage forming the forward helix, space behind the helix and around the rook, among other factors. We do however always remind clients that any time you get many piercings in a small area they are prone to swelling, so these may require some extra TLC at first.