Helix piercings refer to any piercings done on the outer ridge of tissue on the ear. This can be from the end of the lobe tissue all the way up to where the ear joins the head (from there these are referred to as forward helix piercings). This placement is a great choice for showcasing a variety of different styles of jewelry. We do suggest starting these piercings out with a post, as cartilage can already be somewhat challenging to heal. Here at Amato all cartilage piercings are done the same as all our other piercings, with a sterile single use needle. We do not use piercing guns here for a variety of reasons, including safety, comfort, healing, and sterilization. You can read more on why at http://www.safepiercing.org/learn/piercing/faq/#guns . We start these off with either 18g press fit posts or 14g threaded posts depending on the clients desire with jewelry and end goals for the piercing. We will do up to 3 helix piercings in one session, although we usually suggest to get only one ear pierced at a time- this way you have a side to sleep and answer the phone on.


What is the healing like for a helix?

Any cartilage piercing is a bit more of a commitment then other piercings- due to the hard tissue and limited blood flow these piercings take 6-9 months to fully heal. During that time avoiding sleeping on the piercing, as well as bumping or snagging it is important. They are a commitment to heal but usually heal well and offer many choices once healed for jewelry.

What age will you do a helix piercing?

Here at Amato we address this on a case by case basis. If the child is responsibly enough to care for it and clean it, is the biggest concern. This will come at a different age for every child. Generally 13 and older is the age we usually see coming in for this piercing, but for the right child we are willing to discuss offering this younger.

What if my helix folds over- can I still get this piercing?

Possibly! Some helix ridges that fold in can still be pierced traditionally, just often with smaller jewelry to start. However there are some ears where the fold is too deep, and we cant place a piercing under it. However if you have that anatomy chances are you can get something even cooler- a Helix Fold piercing. These are a great alternative to a traditional helix, are similar in care and healing, and are a fun and unique way to work with the natural anatomy of your ear! We really enjoy doing these piercings so if you have a unique ear, please come see us!