Earlobes are arguably the most popular piercing in the world, going through the soft tissue at the base of the ear. Historically we have been piercing lobes for many centuries, across almost every culture. Lobe piercings have an almost infinite selection of jewelry. Historically, lobe piercings were done with a needle and thread. Eventually the piercing gun was invented (originally for tagging livestock actually) and that became the popular method of piercing ears. Now, we know that a clean, single use needle piercing is the superior method for a lobe piercing. Lobes can be started with a huge range of jewelry, from your standard butterfly backs, small flatback posts, glass plugs, or small hoops.


How old do you have to be to get your lobes pierced?

Here at Amato we pierce lobes once the child is old enough to ask for them and understand care. All we need is a parent or legal guardians ID, a copy of the childs birth certificate, and some form of photo ID for the child. Please call for more information on the documents we need for minor piercings.

Why don’t you use a piercing gun?

For a range of reasons. To start, the guns are made of plastic and can’t be sterilized. Which means if any client bleeds on the gun and it is reused, infections such as Staph or MRSA could be transmitted between clients. Beyond that the studs used to pierce are sharp and can irritate the neck and back of the head. They are also rarely made of implant grade materials.

What if I want to stretch my lobes?

You have two choices. You can get your lobes pierced at a standard size and stretch from there, or we can do larger initial piercings, up to 4g, to help you jump start the process. We use glass plugs or eyelets for initial large gauge lobe piercings. It’s important to remember that any stretched piercing runs the risk of not returning to a normal size. As long as you understand that we are happy to start things off a little larger for you initially. This process is much the same as standard lobe piercings. Most folks say it doesn’t feel much different, and the healing is nearly the same. Large gauge initial lobes have some extra cleaning, and are also notoriously itchy while they heal. Please try to resist the itch and don’t scratch! Most folks can begin stretching their lobes once these are fully healed, which is 3-6 months. Large gauge initial lobes can also allow for us to even out existing piercings which are lopsided and uneven.