lip piercings are cute, unique piercings. These have become more popular recently, in comparison to lower lip piercings. There are a few placements where one can pierce the lip. Centered, in the cupids bow over the upper lip is the Philtrum, sometimes called a medusa. The Philtrum is a very flattering piercing directly in the center of the face, that offers a huge selection of jewelry choices. There is also the Monroe piercing, which is placed on the side of the upper lip, most commonly about where Marilyn Monroe had her signature mole. You can also pierce the webbing of the upper lip, called a Frenlum piercing or more commonly a Smilie for its visibility when smiling. There are many more combinations an pairings of lip piercings which have all kinds of slang names and nicknames, but they are generally all made up of some combination of these three. We start these piercings out at a 14g threaded barbell for stability. Once healed, for those who want a super small stone, we can discuss downsizing you to an 18g to wear a super tiny end.


Can this ruin my teeth?

Any oral piercing does carry a risk of oral damage- usually chipped teeth or gum erosion. It’s important to be aware vert labret 1of that before you get any oral piercings. That said, there are many ways to avoid this happening. To start, make sure you have good oral hygiene- brush and rinse regularly, and make sure you floss and care for your gums. Visiting a reputable piercer for your piercing, who will be mindful of the unique structures of your mouth, and place your piercing accordingly is also important. Also, wearing implant grade titanium, getting your downsizes as you need them, and adjusting your jewelry for comfort will all make sure you don’t have any issues.

Why do I need to downsize?

Oral piercings are very prone to swelling, particularly lip piercings. We like to jokingly tell folks get ready to look like Angelina Jolie for a few days after this piercing. Because of that, we use a longer barbell initiallyanodized monroe 2 to allow for that swelling. However, once the swelling has gone down, the bar will be too long again. It’s very important to come see up for a shorter bar, because you risk catching the longer one on your teeth. Some people may need more then one downsize. We suggest you come in around 2-3 weeks after your piercing for a shorter bar.

Can I hide this for work/school/sports?

While we offer a range of jewelry designed to help hide piercings, for philtrum and monroe piercings these often only work once the piercing is healed. Because you will need a longer bar for swelling, often the barbell itself is somewhat visible. Once healed and your jewelry is a tight fit, we can get you small ends that look like freckles, or clear glass pieces. This however can only be done 3-5 months after the initial piercing.

Will this change how I eat?

A fresh lip piercing may make eating a little awkward the first few days, but only because your lip will be swollen. Not unlike the first time you try to eat or drink after the dentists. Go slow, and eat whatever food is comfortable for you. We really like cold foods, like icecream and waterice, as the cold will help soothe some of the swelling.