Nostril piercings are hands down one of the most popular piercings we do here at Amato. These universally flattering piercings have been worn for hundreds of years, with cultures around the world sporting them. From singles, to doubles and pairs, they are one of our favorites to do. Nostril piercings can be placed anywhere on the nose, per your preference. There is no meaning to either side- its purely fashion and what you would like to wear! Typically we will find the center line of your nose and place a dot along that central spot, in the crease. On most people that is both an easy to heal location, and very aesthetically pleasing with all sizes and styles of jewelry. You will be shown a small mark so you can see where your jewelry will go. Feel free to ask questions or suggest placement you would like to see! There are lots of choices out there for jewelry, but here we start almost all our nostrils with a Neometal post, and a front of your choosing. Neometal is the press-fit style of jewelry. The piece inside your nose is a small, well fitting post. The ends arSnapFitInstructionse interchangeable, so you can choose whatever you desire- from a simple diamond to a cluster of beautiful stones. We prefer this style to the nostril screw or L-bend because it’s more secure, and most of our clients also find the small post more comfortable in the nose then the larger nostril screws. Nostril screws are available to be hand bent and fit for your anatomy, on request. Nostril piercings typically take 6-9 months to heal, making them deceptive healers. They usually look and feel healed sooner, but it is still very important not to change jewelry too soon, or stop cleaning and caring for it before its fully healed.


Can I start with a hoop?

Here at Amato we do not suggest starting off nostril piercings with hoops. Most people who want the hoop want the snug fitting, hugging-the-nose look. That’s impossible to get initially with a hoop- which must be a bit over sized to allow for swelling. Hoops can also make the healing take longer and be a bit more stressful. We highly suggest starting with a stud, and switching to a hoop once you are healed. That way you can get your perfect fit right away.

Can I hide my piercing for work?

Yes! One of the reasons we love the neometal system is the choices it gives us for hiding a piercing. We offer two styles- one is a small matte disc, colored to look like a freckle on your face. We also have glass retainers which are clear. Both are great choices depending on why and where you need to hide it!

What about makeup?

It’s important to avoid getting makeup on or around the piercing while it is healing. That means keeping any foundation, powder, contour, or setting sprays off the piercing when you do your makeup. If some does accidentally get into the piercing, take the time to clean it gently with Saline Wound Wash, and keep and eye on it.

Help! I have this bump near my piercing!

These bumps are not uncommon with a nostril piercing. They are not usually an infection, rather they are often caused by some form of irritation. From a trauma to the piercing (like snagging or bumping it), getting something in the piercing (makeup, oils, dirt), a reaction to your jewelry (too long or too short, low quality materials). They are easy to get to go away, remove the source of the irritation and the bump will go down. We suggest you come in, or send a clear photo to [email protected] (or message us on Facebook or Instagram). One of our piercers will be happy to help find the source of the irritation, and guide you in how to get it to go down.

I want something tiny and flat. Can I start with something like that?

Yes! Actually, we get this request often enough that we have started stocking specific jewelry just for this! We specifically carry some itty bitty 1mm Genuine VS1 grade Diamonds from BVLA, set in 14k yellow, rose, or white gold. They are the smallest, flattest things we can get for a nostril piercing!

Do you offer high nostril piercings?

We do! High Nostril piercings are piercings above the crease of the nostril, usually as high as we can safely fit the jewelry and tools. High nostrils are unlike regular nostrils. They take much longer to heal (1 year-1.5 years) and are notoriously difficult to heal. They are very prone to irritations, swelling, and issues. You can expect to need multiple downsizes and upsizes with these piercings, and expect to need to baby them for an extended period of time. It’s important to understand these are difficult piercings to get, and if you are interested please be prepared for the piercing and able to sit calmly through the process. We do these by appointment so please contact us to schedule.