Tongue piercings are a unique and fun piercing, with may choices in placement. There is a rich history to piercing the tongue in Mayan and Moache cultures, as it’s a piercing people have been performing for years. Most commonly we see one piercing along the center line of the tongue. You can also do paired piercings one on either side of the tongue. We don’t suggest anything on the tip of the tongue or anything horizontally through the tongue because of tooth and gum damage(you can read more on why we don’t offer those piercings here. ) You can also pierce the webbing under the tongue. The jewelry choices for this are varied with many fun and unique tops flower rookranging from plain beads to opals and flowers. It is important to be ready for the healing of a tongue piercing, and you can expect swelling for the first 1-2 weeks. It’s most intense in the first 3-5 days, and you may speak with a lisp. Once swelling has gone down it’s essential to get a shorter barbell to prevent the initial longer one from catching or snagging on your teeth or gums


Does it hurt?

Most people actually find this to be a pretty quick and easy piercing to sit through. Honestly there is more discomfort in the following days when you are swollen then there is initially. It’s a very fast piercing that’s over in the blink of and eye, although it does feel strange to have something in your tongue initially!

What can I eat when it’s healing?

Whatever you would like! Most people find soft, mild foods to be the easiest thing, but theirs definitely some folks who have no issue with burgers or pizza right away. Our general suggestion is cold foods to help reduce the swelling. And also eat with gravity to minimize how much work your tongue has to do. The tongue directs food to the teeth for chewing, which can be tricky with a fresh piercing. Tilting your head and using utensils to eat make it much easier.

I heard this piercing can chip my teeth?

That is a risk with any oral piercing, correct. However, the risks can be greatly minimized with proper fitting jewelry. This is why it’s essential to come in for a downsize 1-2 weeks after your piercing. Most damage comes from playing with, biting on, or rubbing the jewelry against your teeth or gums. When the barbell is a perfect fit this is almost impossible to do. We have had many clients with years old piercings and perfect teeth. Well fitting jewelry and resisting the urge to play with it are essential.

Can this damage my tongue or can I loose taste?

The tongue is covered in hundreds of taste buds which all contribute to our sense of taste. These tastebuds also regrow rapidly- that’s why you can burn your tongue on hot coffee or hot pizza and taste you dinner again a few days later. A small piercing or even multiple piercings doesn’t effect the body ability to taste or replenish tastebuds.

My dentist/doctor said I should wear plastic jewelry?

While plastic would be less likely to chip a tooth then metal, it would still cause gum erosion. Not to mention there is no plastic designed for long term wear in an oral piercing. Most plastic body jewelry on the market today is made with generic acrylic polymers- which break down and discolor overtime, and also can harbor plaque and bacteria. Currently there is no company making any plastic oral piercing jewelry out of implant grade materials.

Do I need to buy a whole new barbell when I downsize?

Nope! We use a 3 part system for our barbells where the shaft and ends are separate. This keeps downsizing affordable because all you need is a shorter center shaft.