Folks we are so excited to be sending Lynn off to Vegas next month for and annual Association of Professional Piercers Conference! She’ll be spending a week attending various classes about piercing techniques, safety, sterilization, jewelry, and much more. It’s also a great chance to talk with other piercers, see how they do things, and continue to learn and grow to offer you the best services possible! But, more exciting then that for you is the Expo! Every year all of our favorite companies release new and amazing designs for sale at the Expo. If you want to be the first to have your dream pair of plugs, a stunning pair of hanging earrings, or maybe a brand new end for your piercing, message us! You can check out social media to see sneak peeks of what will be available at conference and let us know what you’d like us to try and get for you. A full list of the companies attending is on