The diamond is arguably the most recognizable, well known, and highest regarded of all precious stones. With amazing luster, sparkle, color variation and clarity its clear why it is beloved in jewelry of all shapes and forms. Diamonds also have great use in industrial purposes, from oil drilling to scalpels, technological uses, and sanding. Industries across many fields cherish diamond for it’s hardness in cutting and abrasive powders. Here at Amato the diamond is also our most popular genuine stone. We stock a large selection of genuine diamonds, from small 1mm solitaries for a nostril piercing to decadent 22 diamond encrusted clickers for an ear or nose piercing. We are huge fans of this brilliant stone, and are proud to offer a beautiful selection.

We stock VS1, VS2, and higher grade diamonds, all the way up to Flawless diamonds. These codes refer to the clarity of the diamond meaning internal blemishes (called inclusions, meaning small cracks, fissures, or inclusions of other stones such as another diamond crystal or foreign material) and external blemishes (uneven surfaces and other defects.) Clarity is checked at 10x magnification, so most flaws in a diamond are not visible to the naked eye, and do not effect the stones luster or shine. VS 1 and VS2 stand for very slightly included. This means diamonds with minor inclusions that are somewhat easy for a trained eye to spot under magnification. VS1 is a higher clarity then VS2. Beyond that we can also order VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds (very very slightly included), IF diamonds (internally flawless), and F diamonds (flawless). As the clarity improves, they do become more expensive.

We stock genuine diamonds in a range of cuts, to bring out their shimmer and fire.

  • Round Brilliant cut is arguably our most common and most popular cut- master carvers have been working with this cut for years to maximize fire and clarity. If you are looking for just a dainty sparkle in a nostril or ear piercing, brilliant cut is perfect.
  • Princess cut is our next most popular, being that ‘square’ shape popular in men’s earrings and engagement rings. This cut showcases great color along the sides, and we love stocking champagne and gray diamonds in this shade because of it.
  • Marquise cut diamonds are long and slim, perfect for tucking into a helix fold or along your tragus. This cut is perfect for piercings in narrow spaces and are a great accent piece on the ear. Clusters of marquise cut diamonds look great in a conch or nostril. These are versatile pieces that accent and flow well in many areas of the body!
  • Pear shaped diamonds are another classic. These showcase colored diamonds well, and fit well in a range of ear and facial piercings. Pear shaped diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance, and this cut will definitively provide maximum sparkle and shine.

If diamonds are what you want, for standard lobes, nostrils, ear cartilage, or any other piercings, we are happy to assist! Please call or come in 7 days a week, 11-11, and one of our piercers or jewelry stylists would be more then happy to discuss your needs!