Nostril Piercings have always been among the most popular piercings we do here at Amato. Weather you want a small, tiny glimmer on your nose, or you feel like something bold or funky, we have something for everyone and love making your noses shine. Recently, the paired nostril has become super popular. That is, one piercing on either side of the nose, often fitted with matching jewelry, or sometimes a daring hoop in one or a stud in the other. Or, if you are feeling bold, two hoops! These are actually one of our favorite piercings to do here, alongside one of the most challenging! Unlike a single nostril, paired nostrils have quite a bit of math involved in the process. After all, your nose isn’t even (no ones is) and the marking, measuring, and placement can take some time. There are lots of choices out there for jewelry, but here we start almost all our nostrils with a Neometal post, and a front of your choosing. Neometal is the press-fit style of jewelry. The piece inside your nose is a small, well fitting post. The ends are interchangeable, so you can choose whatever you desire- from a simple diamond to a cluster of beautiful stones. We prefer this style to the nostril screw or L-bend because it’s more secure, and most of our clients also find the small post more comfortable in the nose then the larger nostril screws. Nostril screws are available to be hand bent and fit for your anatomy, on request. Nostril piercings typically take 6-9 months to heal, making them deceptive healers. They usually look and feel healed sooner, but it is still very important not to change jewelry too soon, or stop cleaning and caring for it before its fully healed.

Can I walk in for pair nostrils? What if I already have one side pierced?

No- we do paired nostrils by appointment only. If you’d like to come in ahead of time to pick jewelry and schedule an appointment that’s fine, but we do not offer this piercing on walk-ins. There is SO much math, measuring, and alignment involved in marking it can sometimes take a half hour to mark these. We want to ensure our piercers have plenty of time to spend making sure your piercing is perfect! We also always like to have an assistant with our piercers for these, so we have two sets of eyes to check the math and marking. This helps ensure your piercings are spot on, and provides you with the best and smoothest experience possible!

Can I start with a hoop?

Here at Amato we do not suggest starting off nostril piercings with hoops. Most people who want the hoop want the snug fitting, hugging-the-nose look. That’s impossible to get initially with a hoop- which must be a bit over sized to allow for swelling. Hoops can also make the healing take longer and be a bit more stressful. We highly suggest starting with a stud, and switching to a hoop once you are healed. That way you can get your perfect fit right away. However, if we are pairing off an existing nostril piercing you can totally hoop that one while the new one gets a stud, which is a super cool and cute look!

We LOVE that paired nostrils are becoming more popular, as we think they are a great way to show off some beautiful jewelry and add a little sparkle to your smile no matter which way someone looks at you! They are a unique, fun take on an old classic, and the jewelry choices are endless!