Here at Amato we are thrilled about this popular new piercing trend! Curated Ear Piercings are the process of taking existing piercings and creating new pokes to intentionally and deliberately adorn your ears with a cohesive, curated collection. Weather you have a few piercings you are at a loss what to do with, if you dream of a decked out and brilliant set, or you just want a little guidance, we are here to help!

We offer a range of curation choices. If you have existing piercings you are at a loss how to style, come in any time and speak with any of our piercing staff or jewelry stylists to get some ideas on how to revamp and upgrade what you already have! We can take existing piercings and help dress them up to give you a brand new ear!

If you’d like to add some new piercings to tie everything together, you can schedule a curated piercing appointment with our piercing staff. We will look at what you already have, and the unique anatomy of your ear, and suggest what placements will be both fashionable and easy to heal. We are always invested in your wellbeing, so we do limit how many piercings we will do in one session, but we can always upgrade some existing ones to keep a cohesive look! If you do want to upgrade everything at one don’t forget we offer financing and payment plans in studio!

If you are really dreaming of a perfectly designed ear, you can book a stylist appointment with our GIA Accredited Jeweler Lynn. She will professionally photograph your ears and together in photoshop you can plan your ultimate ear goals, play dress up in different metals, different designs, and different piercings, and create the perfect plan to get your ears looking sharp. You can also design custom one of a kind jewelry pieces that we can have made by any of our fantastic companies. Together you two can hand pick gems, gold, and placement, and truly create something one of a kind for only you.

Call or Email today about scheduling time for your curated ear experience!

Before and After for a client who came in for Ear Curation with our piercer Lynn