Marquise cuts (sometimes called navette, French for “little ship” since they resemble the hull of a ship) are one of our favorite cuts for gems here at Amato! With gentle sloping sides and neat points at either end, these elongated cuts are a striking way to showcase a range of colors and stones. This cut was first designed for diamonds in the 1740s, and is said to have been named for the Marquise de Pompadour, a mistress of the king. Rumor says the graceful, elongated curves were designed to mimic the shape of her mouth. The name stuck for the stone, and many people who held the rank of Marquise (around duke and dutchess) wore the gems to signify their status in the courts. Marquise diamonds have always been popular in rings and engagement bands, as their elongated shape adds a delicate and slimming touch to the finger. 

We take great care with the marquise gems we carry here at Amato, and most genuine stones are lovingly hand selected between Lynn, our GIA accredited jeweler, and the wonderful staff at BVLA. We are always careful that our marquise have great symmetry across both sides, and that they are cut so the light and color of the gem has the maximum ability to shine. Marquise cuts sometimes experience an effect called a bow-tie, a dark shadow across the width of the gem that can make the stone look darker and less rich. The marquise cut inherently has some degree of bow-tie, we work diligently with BVLA to ensure our cuts have the least amount of it, and any matched pieces have the same effect. We have even worked to have colored diamonds cut and sourced specifically for our pieces to guarantee they are a perfect, ideal match. 

These regal gems work very well in a range of designs and placements. From navel pieces that fit perfectly in a slender belly button to spanning the bar of an industrial piercing to add a level of elegance and delicacy. A trio fanned gently out called the Marquise Fan from BVLA is one of our most popular, fitting perfectly on tragus’, conches, nostrils, and helixes. We’ve just gotten a huge shipment of these beautiful cuts, and we are so excited to show you the how a marquise can show off your favorite gemstones in a way you may never have noticed before!