Weddings are meant to be memorable! A special day to celebrate you and the one you love joining lives. Everything is usually planned out to a T. From the outfits, to the flavor of cake, and of course the wedding rings; it’s all in the details! What about jewelry? Sure you have the rings, maybe a necklace or some cufflinks, but what about your piercings? There’s a million ways to dress up your piercings to make them picture perfect for your special day and the process can sometimes being overwhelming on top of the already immense planning list, so we’re happy to help!   Here at Amato, wedding curations are one of our favorite things to do! With so many options available (and a pinterest board full of inspiration), it’s always so much fun for us to help people design and create their perfect set for the big day. Each set is as unique as the person itself which makes the curation as exciting for us as it is for those getting to wear the final products. We’ve done quite a few fun custom sets of wedding jewelry, such as pieces designed to match engagement bands, a set of spooky earrings for a spooky halloween themed wedding, as well as matching plugs for a bride and groom. We’ve even had clients use a set of plugs to propose! Changing all of your piercings to new pieces can take some extra effort; we’d like to review some considerations with you in regards to these curations so that when it comes time, you know how it all works and what to expect. 

  • Give New Piercings Time to Heal- We often have people who come in wanting to get a new piercing for their wedding. Maybe their lobes have closed and need to be repierced so they can wear their wedding earrings or they were hoping for a cute nostril hoop to sport in all their kissing pictures; whatever the case may be, it’s important to remember that most body piercings take 6-9 months to fully heal! We hate disappointing clients but coming in a week or two before the wedding for something new, doesn’t always work out as planned. There are certain styles of jewelry that can’t be worn until a piercing is fully healed, and often times piercings get a little puffy and red when they’re new which can put a damper on those cute wedding pictures everyone was hoping to get. Plan ahead to make sure you have plenty of time to heal your piercings before your big day arrives so you’re able to wear any and every piece possible and all your pictures are flawless!
  • Plan in advance- Many clients want to order custom pieces for their wedding set; perhaps to match a theme or color palette, or wedding garment. We work with many companies who specialize in one of a kind pieces, but those types of custom designs take time to create and perfect. Depending on the time of year and how custom your piece is, it may take up to 12 weeks to be made. Just like shopping for a dress or tuxedo, it’s recommended to begin the designing process at least 6-8 months prior to the date of the wedding to ensure all pieces are made perfectly and that there’s enough time to make any minor adjustments if necessary. We can sometimes accommodate a rush request for pieces that are stocked designs, but we can never guarantee that so be sure to plan accordingly!
  • Bring Photos- Reference photos are incredibly helpful. The more photos the better; photos of the attire, photos of the flowers, swatches of the colors, your inspiration board on pintrest, everything can be used! Understanding the direction and vision you have for your big day will help our staff know the best pieces to show you and the best plans to make for your new jewelry set. You can even save some images of piercings and jewelry that inspire you so we have an idea of what your personal style is!