A christina, sometimes called a “Mound of Venus” is a vertical piercing through the pubic mound, that exits at the V where the hood begins. These are very anatomy dependent piercings. Ideally, a defined V and a heartier pubic mound. Jewelry for this, depending on your anatomy, is a 14g or 12g L bar, a 14-10g curved barbell, or a microdermal anchor. When you come in for this piercing we will do a consult to confirm what style and size jewelry is correct for your shape. These are longer healing piercings given the amount of tissue they pierce through, and the trauma they can endure while healing. Initially face-to-face sex may be uncomfortable if it bumps or snags the piercing. The Christina is a decorative piercing that does not provide any actual function, but has a range of beautiful jewelry choices and can definitely improve your confidence!