Frenum piercings are another good first genital piercing for many men. These pass through the tissue on the underside of the shaft, which is often very thin and easy to pierce skin. Because it passes through the loose thin skin healing is usually easy and quick on these piercings, averaging 6-8 weeks for most clients. These typically are placed around the circumcision scar on cut men, and a bit beyond that point if you are uncut. These can be done anywhere along the length of the shaft, but we most commonly do them at the head, and at the base. They can be done along the top or sides of the shaft, but given the tighter tissue success and comfort may vary, and we generally suggest the underside for this reason. Also, the underside gives more sensation to both the wearer and their partner. We suggest a 10 or 8g minimum for these piercings, and jewelry must be long enough to allow for swelling. Once healed these can be downsized into better fitting barbells, and the client can experiment with bead size on the ends. You can also wear a ring large enough to flip over the head of the penis and rest around the shaft as well. Many clients are interested in multiple frenum piercings along the length of the shaft, sometimes called a “Jacob’s Ladder.” These are done in a series of sessions usually of 1-2 piercings, which we encourage you to heal fully before coming in and adding to it. Your anatomy and desired look will help determine placement and how many we can fit. It is important to consider how a longer ladder will potentially effect masturbation for you.


Does this piercing bleed a lot?

This piercing can bleed for up to a week or two after being pierced, but it usually not as profuse as a PA, Ampallang or Apadravya.