A guiche piercing (pronounced Geesh) is a piercing through the lower scrotal tissue, called the perineum, towards where it meets the anus. Initial jewelry is als a 10 or 8g ring like the hafada piercing. These are very similar to a hafada piercing, although healing is a little more involved because of placement. These take 3-6 months to heal, and require a bit of extra work. Ideal anatomy has tissue that can easily pinch up, although even if the skin is taut we can still pierce it, it just may take more consideration when healing. Spending long hours sitting, riding a bike, motorcycle, horseback riding, or similar activities can cause complications with healing. Also, living in a humid climate such as Florida can also make healing take more work and require more considerations with cleaning. We review all this with you when coming in, and are happy to work with you and your lifestyle to ensure you wear your piercing comfortably and for some time. These can bleed on and off for a bit once done, so it’s important to prepare for that for the first few days. Placement is very important with this piercing, as it should create a stimulation for the wearer. We will work with you to find the best placement that’s comfortable and effective for you. Many clients once healed enjoy to wear larger rings or even true weights in these piercings. We can help you with finding a safe and comfortable weight for your piercing. We can also assist with stretching these for you.