The Hafada piercing, also called a scrotum piercing, is located anywhere along the loose skin of the scrotum, most commonly along the mid line or offset to either side. These are generally an easy piercing to sit through or heal, and we can do multiple in one session as well. Pain wise many clients say the experience of getting caught in your zipper is much worse then getting these piercings! When these are done low from the base of the shaft they are sometimes called a ‘Lorum’ or low-frenum, a term coined by Elayne Angel when requested for a “frenum, but lower”. These can be a great way to complete the look of a ladder, and many clients like the idea of moving down with a ladder rather then up as it does not interfere with much activity. A ring is usually the most comfortable choice for healing, at a 10g or 8g initial size. A curved barbell can be worn once healed, and these are piercings that often naturally self stretch. As typical piercings they don’t often give much sensation for the wearer, but many people find stretching to wear heavier jewelry or wearing weights in the piercings gives an added sensation.