As the name describes, this piercing goes horizontally through the hood over the clitoris. These piercings are typically done with rings, and ideally the bead or gem on the ring will rest against the clitoris and cause sensation. Unlike it’s counterpart, the VCH, this piercing is much more anatomy dependent and less common to have ideal anatomy for. The hood must protrude far enough out that the ring can rest flat against the body, and depending on the shape of your labia the ring may want to sit more off to one side or the other. If the hood fully covers the clitoris, these will be more ornamental piercings as the jewelry won’t directly contact the clitoris. However, they are very attractive piercings, and have a wide range of beautiful jewelry that can be worn comfortably in them. One way to see if you may be suited for this piercing is to stand up straight with your legs together. If you are still able to see your hood (IE it rests ‘up’ like a mountain as opposed to ‘down’ like a valley) you are likely suited for this piercing. Even if you can’t, it doesn’t hurt to come in and have one of our piercers do a consult to assess your anatomy.


Are you piercing my clit?

No! This piercing goes through the hood, the tissue that sits above and protects the clitoris.