Most vulva’s have two sets of labia- the Labia Majora and the Labia Minora also known as outer and inner labia. If your anatomy here is correct, these can be highly aesthetically pleasing piercings and can change and enhance sensation for you and your partner. The inner labia are the smaller, thinner folds of tissue that run down from the hood along the vaginal opening, and the piercings pass horizontally through this tissue. This is similar tissue to the hood, in that it’s often thinner and highly vascular. These are a bit easier to heal then outer labia, which pass through thicker skin. These piercings can bleed while they are healing for the first week or so, so consider wearing a panty liner or pad for this time. They can also feel a bit pinchy while sitting, so we advice waiting on bike or horseback riding for a bit with them. Warm compresses will help soothe that sensation as well. Initial jewelry is a 14-12g captive bead ring. These piercings self stretch easily, so be cautious with circular barbells which can pull through if the beads are small enough. Once healed, some clients enjoy the sensation of tugging on the piercings, or wearing weights or heavy jewelry. Just be aware this can stretch the skin. Outer Labia piercings are done through the outer areas of hair covered tissue that sit over and around the inner labia and hood. These are very different from the inner labia, as these are much thicker, but thus sturdier skin. These piercings are often done in pairs, one on either side. 14-10g captive bead rings are initial jewelry for these piercings, depending on your anatomy and desired look. These piercings can be more work to heal, as they are more prone to abuse from walking, sitting, and working out. Once healed these can easily be stretched or have weights hung from them with better stability then the inners.


Can I start off larger initially?

Yes, but only with outer labia. Depending on your desired look and jewelry, as well as anatomy, we can start these off much larger.

Will these effect penetration?

Yes, when these are placed in line with the vaginal opening they can be felt by your partner. You will have to experiment to find what positions give the best stimulation.

I want these piercings for a chastity device- do you do that?

We have worked with clients and makers on these pieces in the past, as we can help you with that as well! Any play or activity with these for chastity should wait for full healing of these piercings.