Nipple piercings are one of the most popular piercings we offer here at Amato! Be you male or female or other, one nipple or both these piercings have remained consistently popular for the past two decades. Despite what many people worry about, these piercings are not usually very painful. They are an intense but fast pinch and it’s over before you realize! These piercings are a great confidence booster, and once they heal there is a plethora of fun and unique jewelry you can wear.

Nipples on Breast Tissue should be pierced at the base of the nipple, but not through the aerola. Too deep and these piercings can be uncomfortable, and impossible to heal. Too shallow and they often can migrate out leaving unsightly scars. It’s important to do your research and see someone who will place these piercings correctly for you. Jewelry is most commonly a 14-10g straight or curved barbell, depending on your anatomy. While healing jewelry choices are simple, but once healed there’s a great selection of beautiful pieces you can wear. These can take up to a year to heal for some, so it’s best to be ready to be caring for these piercings for a bit. It is not uncommon to experience the discharge or ‘crust’ with these piercings for much longer then your traditional ear piercings. A warm saline soak will help soothe them! It’s important to give them time to heal before touching or heavy play, and also be aware of the types of bras you wear during the initial healing.

Nipples Without Breast Tissue It’s a common misconception that nipples without breast tissue need to go in the aerola. No matter how small there is never any reason to pierce the tissue beyond the nipple itself. These are commonly 14-10g barbells to start, and can be swapped to hoops and CBR’s once fully healed. These piercings have less bloodflow then their counterparts, and can take up to a year to hear.


How badly does this hurt?

Most clients tell us this was easier then expected- it’s an intense but very quick pinch and then it’s done! It is a sensitive area of the body and can sometimes sting of feel sore for a few hours after, but by the next morning you should feel fine.

Can I get both at once or do I need to get one, then the other?

You can do both in one sitting safely, but there is also nothing wrong with getting one and waiting on the second! Both are perfectly safe so it’s up to you to decide what works better for you.

My nipples invert- can you help me?

Yes! We often can! We are very experienced with helping correct nipple inversion via piercing. With either a curved or straight barbell depending on your anatomy we can often get the nipple to come all of the way, if not most of the way out. Here is an example photo of an inversion joe corrected via piercing. This was a moderate inversion and we were able to get the nipple almost 100% out.

What kind of bras can I wear?

Whatever is comfortable for you! We have found lightly lines or tshirt bras seem to be the most popular. However, going braless, sports bras, whatever works for you! We do suggest avoiding any that may cause uncomfortable or painful pressure on your piercings while they are healing.

I’m on my period, and my nipple piercings are acting strange?

This is not uncommon- your hormonal changes can effect your entire body- including your piercings! Since for some people their cycles greatly effect their breasts, these side effects can effect the piercings as well. You may need to baby your piercings during this time.

It is normal that my nipples are two different sizes?

Yes- nipple piercings are sisters, not twins. Just like some folks have different sizes breasts, some will have different nipples and piercings as well.