The Prince Albert or PA piercing is easily the most common penis genital piercing we do. This piercing, while it may look intimidating, is also one of the easier penis genital piercings to get and heal. It passes through the tissue at the base of the head and into the urethra, through a very small but durable amount of skin. In modern times, the Prince Albert piercing was popularized by Jim Ward early 1970s. In West Hollywood, Ward met Doug Malloy. Together, these men further developed the Prince Albert piercing. Malloy published a pamphlet in which he concocted fanciful histories of genital piercings in particular. It was said that Albert, Price Consort to Queen Victoria first invented the piercing, in order to secure his penis to his leg and minimize it’s appearance in the tight trousers of the time. This was a false story, but the concept is a clever one! Initial jewelry for a PA is most commonly a 10g or 8g ring, and these piercings fair best when done larger for stability. A curved barbell can be worn as well, although we advice clients to wear a larger ball on one end to prevent it from pulling into the urethra. These piercings generally self stretch so stretching them is quite easy. It’s not uncommon for people to go up to a 2g or 0g, or even larger! It’s important to be aware that this piercing can effect urination. For some folks it’s barely more then a drop. Others must hold the jewelry a certain way, and some find sitting to urinate is ideal. It’s different for every individual, but that’s something to be aware of. Because the PA runs through the urethra is delivers a very unique and enjoyable sensation for the wearer. And the added length with the jewelry can be pleasant for your partner. It’s ease of healing and the fact it works well for most folks makes this a good choice for a first genital piercing.


Is bleeding after normal?

Yes. PA’s are known for bleeding for up to a week after being pierced. This is very common and we actually suggest bandaging your piercing with non-woven gauze for a few days to deal with that. We review how we suggest bandaging with you when you get the piercing, and are always here to offer assistance while you are healing. Don’t let the blood startle or scare you, it is normal.

When can I start stretching my PA?

We suggest 2-3 months past it being fully healed. The piercing takes 6-8 weeks to fully heal, so many people don’t have their first stretch for 4-6 months.

I’m interested in getting a wand for my PA. Do you sell those?

We do not keep these in stock but we can work with a manufacturer for you to get you a custom fitted piece, we can also help you with your measurements if you choose to order one yourself online.

I’m uncut- can I still get this piercing?

Yes! We do PA piercings on clients with intact foreskins regularly. There are some extra considerations to ensure the jewelry doesn’t prevent the foreskin from resting in it’s natural position, and it may take some experimenting to find the jewelry that is most comfortable for you while healing, but we are happy to help you through the entire process.

It stings when I urinate, is that normal?

Yes, urination for the first week or two can feel like a stinging or burning sensation. There are a few things you can do to make this more comfortable. First, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. This will keep your urine from being too acidic and stinging. The most effective method of reducing this discomfort is to urinate with the penis submerged in water. Many clients use a shallow bowl or ziplock container filled with warm water to urinate in. Being submerged in water prevents the urine from getting into the piercing and staying there where it can sting.