Though it shares a name with the Prince Albert the Reverse PA is a significantly different piercing. A traditional PA passes through a very small amount of tissue on the underside of the head, where a Reverse PA passes through most of the tissue of the head of the penis. It’s much more similar to an Apadravya, just without the PA portion of it. Likewise, it heals similarly to an Apadravya, and the same considerations for bleeding and urination apply. Jewelry for this is a 10g or 8g captive or sometimes an adjusted circular barbell, modified to a C shape to fit more comfortably. Some clients also choose to heal an Apadravya piercing with a barbell, and once healed wear a ring only through the Reverse PA portion of it.


It stings when I urinate, is that normal?

Yes, urination for the first week or two can feel like a stinging or burning sensation. There are a few things you can do to make this more comfortable. First, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. This will keep your urine from being too acidic and stinging. The most effective method of reducing this discomfort is to urinate with the penis submerged in water. Many clients use a shallow bowl or ziplock container filled with warm water to urinate in. Being submerged in water prevents the urine from getting into the piercing and staying there where it can sting.