A triangle is a piercing that passes behind the tissue of the clitoris, at the base of the hood where it lifts from the body. This piercing is very anatomy dependent- you must be able to life the clitoris and feel a space behind it where he jewelry will rest. You also need fairly symmetrical anatomy, because if the outer labia cause the ring to sit cocked to one side or the other this can cause issues with healing, and even migration over time. This piercing provides a very unique sensation as it rests behind the clitoris it allows access to a portion of the nerve bundle that previously would have in inaccessible. It boasts both beautiful jewelry and being arguably one of the most if not the most functional genital piercings we offer. This piercing has grown in popularity thanks to Elayne Angel, who has spent years pioneering female genital piercings, although it was first invented by Gauntlet piercer Lou Duff. Initial jewelry for this piercing is a 12 or 10g captive bead ring or circular barbell. Often we end up widening a circular barbell to a U shape so that it can be tucked back and up against the hood and rest more comfortably. Many women find this style comfortable enough to wear long term, while others looking for something more ornate switch to captive bead rings. What works best for you when healed will be based entirely on your anatomy. With a trained professional this is not a very bad piercing to sit through- it intense but quick. However this is also a very serious piercing that can be challenging and even dangerous in the hands of the wrong piercer. If you are thinking about this piercing make sure your piercer has experience and a portfolio to show with this piercing.