The VCH is the most popular female genital piercing we offer, and for good reasons. As the name implies this piercing passes vertically through the tissue of the hood- the top bead sits visibly on the hood and the bottom usually directly rests against the clitoris. This allows for a comfortable to wear piercing, with beautiful jewelry choices, and often very functional for women. Jewelry for this is a 14-12g straight or curved barbell depending on anatomy. Once healed you can experiment with different shapes and sizes for your jewelry, and many women enjoy wearing these at a 10g or 8g for sensation. This is a very anatomy dependent piercing, you must have enough room under your hood for the jewelry to sit correctly. Most women are able to get this piercing, but it is always worth coming in for a consult to check. If you are unsure, there is a ‘test’ you can do at home (please note this is not 100% accurate and you should still always come see a professional piercer for the final assessment, but this often gives women some peace of mind and encouragement to stop in.) The Q-tip test is a simple one. If you can fit most of a lubricated q-tip under the tissue of the hood, it’s likely you are well-suited for this piercing. Depth is what’s important, so you can de-fluff the q-tip if desired.


Are you piercing my clit?

No! This piercing goes through the hood, the tissue that sits above and protects the clitoris.

I’ve heard stories of women who get this piercing, and can get off just walking or riding a bike?

While those stories are pretty big exaggerations this is a piercing that causes direct stimulation. Because the bottom bead of the barbell rests directly against the clitoris, it directly contacts it and causes stimulation. This can be enhanced with different pieces of jewelry, styles of barbell, or even stretching to wear a larger piece.

How painful is it?

This is perhaps the easiest female genital piercing to sit through and to heal. The tissue is so thin that its one of the quickest piercings we offer here. And healing is often very easy as well, many clients leave saying they don’t even feel the new piercing! Pain should not hold you back from a piercing you desire- we do VCH piercings for a large amount of women, from folks with lots of piercings to women where this will be their first and only body piercing! This piercing is for anyone who is just interested in enhancing their experiences.